Free UK Lottery Entries – Postcode, Selfie and more

People say there is no such thing as free money, but there really is.  A number of companies have formed and offer free daily draws, there is no cost to enter and some of them have prize funds of in excess of £1000. Below is a review of some of the more well known drawns and links and information to the draw.


Free Postcode Lottery This is a daily draw, or a number of daily draws.  The Main draw has a prize of £250 per day and if not claimed rolls over to the next day.  As of a few days ago, the prize was £1250 and won by a single person.  There is no entry fee, once registered your postcode will be entered each day.  You need to check the draw results each day and if your postcode matches, simply claim your prize.  This is one of the most popular free daily draw sites and to date has paid out over £148,862.44.

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the selfie lottery


With the Selfie Lottery, all you have to do is upload a selfie and you’re automatically entered for free into every day’s draw! No numbers to choose. No ticket to look after. And definitely nothing to pay. The Selfie Lottery’s free to enter and always will be!

Jackpots paid out in excess of £200, just check daily and you could win.  One of the better referal deals also, you could double your win, or if a referal wins you win also!!

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Date Of Birth Lotto

A daily draw of all registered Dates of Births.  If yours match you win the pot.  The pot is increased by £50 per day if no one claims it.  They have a seperate referal pot with is drawn monthly.

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