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Panasonic SD-2511W Multi-Function Bread Maker Was £159.99 Reduced to £69.99

Panasonic Bread Maker SD-2511W

  • The revolutionary SD-2511W breadmaker from Panasonic can create a wide variety of different breads, cakes, scones and jams.
  • Use a variety of wet ingredients including cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes to make the perfect flavoured artisan bread.
  • Love sourdough bread? The new SD-2511W now makes sour dough starter helping to rise and enhance the flavour of your bread.
  • The new rustic scone mode allows you to bake the perfect scones, savory or sweet.
  • The Fruit Nut dispenser drops the ingredients into your bread at the optimum time, evenly distributing them throughout your bread.

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